Historical evolution

  1. 2016

    Piezoman was founded, with its main business evolving from China Hertz digitalization process

  2. 2018

    This platform is supported by the core PDM system architecture to support the entire business system, including a rich range of million level product models

  3. 2021

    Through autonomous algorithms, supporting BOM parsing, achieving the path of type matching and parameter matching

  4. 2024

    The platform supports Altium Designer, PADS, Cadence underlying data, as well as EDA assisted design such as CAD, CAX, DFM, etc


Quick information search

Annual sales revenue

24 million


54 people

Facility area

5000 square meters

Product quantity

540000 SKUs

Number of authorized manufacturers

58 companies

Annual number of online orders placed

Over 1.8 million orders

Number of online inquiries

130000 times

Annual number of processed orders

Over 2.05 million orders

Annual number of customers served

Over 31200 people

Annual service area

Over 123 locations

Order fulfillment rate


Customer service

10/7 Uninterruptible